Local Authorities M&D Peer Review


In the context of the EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI), I am pleased to launch a peer-review process among Local Authorities, on behalf of the JMDI Local Authorities Network team.

The peer review is intended to highlight the existence of current good practice by local actors on migration and development. Its outcomes will form the basis for formulating policy recommendations supporting local efforts to link migration and development more effectively.

The whole approach of the JMDI is a new field of action in the Migration & Development realm.

The JMDI acknowledges that migration flows occur among and across specific territories, and that local actors are forefront agents in steering the impact of these movements towards development benefits: the Initiative aims at supporting their action.

To collect examples of your work and policies, and reflect them in the policy recommendations, we have developed a brief questionnaire (attached below), together with a list of documentary references you may find useful on the subject of Migration & Development (also below).

We would now like to open the floor to you, and ask you to use this forum to share your experiences.   

We would also be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire and post it in the forum before Thursday, November 12. Completed questionnaires may also be sent to: anna.colleo@nomisma.it.