‘My JMDI Toolbox’ training at the Quito Mayoral Forum on Mobility, Migration and Development.

Publication date

déc 14, 2015


Within the framework of the Second Mayoral Forum on Mobility, Migration and Development (12-13 November), the SDC, UNITAR, KNOMAD and the JMDI, in partnership with the City of Quito, decided to include a one-day training based on the “My JMDI Toolbox”. Delivered by JMDI facilitators, the training was aimed at Forum participants and received very positive feedback.

The “My JMDI Toolbox” offers a flexible and comprehensive tool for local stakeholders (local authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia, international organizations etc.) on how to mainstream migration into local development planning in order to be able to better harness the development potential of migration.

The training session was a great opportunity for representatives of cities and territories from across three continents to acquire knowledge while also gathering and sharing experiences with their peers. This paved the way for participants to get to know each other and therefore build a common vision, all of which facilitated discussion and dialogue during the Mayoral Forum. Participants engaged in interesting exchanges and the diversity of the local contexts represented greatly enriched the debate and the variety of experiences discussed.  Furthermore, representatives came from sending, transit and receiving territories, providing a global and thorough outlook.

All sessions of the training were based on a combination of presentations by the JMDI Programme Manager and the Local Development Specialist, plenary discussions, and group work.


Mapping the migratory and local development cycle


The Mayoral Forum is a yearly global gathering of Mayors and senior city administrators and other local and regional authorities, with the international community of inter-governmental experts, academics, donors and NGOs.  Its main purposes are to strategize and propose new and innovative approaches to urban governance in contexts of greater diversity, and to support cities’ implementation of migration policies for inclusive growth.

For more information on the Mayoral Forum, see here: http://www.migration4development.org/sites/default/files/quito_outcome_document_en.pdf

To download and use the JMDI Toolbox, see here: http://www.migration4development.org/en/resources/toolbox/training