MIgration EU eXpertise 2009-2015 Advancing migration cooperation with partner countries through demand-driven, peer-to-peer expertise: Lessons learnt and good practices

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This new publication presents good practices and lessons learnt from the initiative 'MIgration EU eXpertise - MIEUX', an innovative and pioneering migration experts’ facility with the aim of enhancing the capacities of authorities from EU partner countries.

The new publication was presented at a multi-stakeholder conference in Brussels on 22 September. It is divided into four sections that aim to comprehensively explain the working modalities that ICMPD has developed over the years with its partners, covering multiple aspects of migration governance. The report aims at contributing to the discussion and debate on the role and impact of demand-driven, short-term expert facilities in strengthening migration governance in partner countries.
The first section explains the ways in which MIEUX provides demand-driven capacity building, and sets out the results achieved since 2009. The second section reflects upon the role of tailor-made capacity building to the partner countries’ priorities, and MIEUX’s approaches to deliver it. The third section describes concrete methods that MIEUX has tested out while supporting processes related to the elaboration of national policies on migration. The last section looks back at MIEUX’s added value and highlights its future features.

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