Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN)

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Date de début – Date de fin

ven, 03/31/2006 - mar, 05/31/2011

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Résultats et enseignements tirés

*272 temporary return assignments since August 2006 (25% women); *TRQN skils database: 500 + registrations; *TRQN needs database: 280 + qualifying requests; *Positive feedback by beneficiary host institutions on diaspora engagement; *Close collaboration with government and non government stakeholders in countries of origin; *Migrants have contributed to sectors and areas such as peace building and reconciliation, health, education, agriculture and infrastructure.



Facteurs clés de réussite ou d’innovation

*TRQn illustrates opportunities for the global migration & development discourse; *Migrants are willing to transfer skills and experience thus contributing to development and stability; *Development of new links and partnerships between migrants and organizations in countires of origin; *Strengthened self-esteem and career perspectives in the Netherlands; *Incorporation in national development plans of the target countries supports a sustainable impact.




Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

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Sierra Leone

Main thematic areas

Participation de la diaspora

Focus area

Migration et Intégration



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Clustermanager Migration & Development



Autres partenaires

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Government Ministries and private sector stakeholders in target countries Diaspora groups in the Netherlands

Principaux objectifs

Diaspora contributing to the national reconstruction and development priorities for selected countries.



Principales activités

*Assessment of needs in identified priority sectors in target countries; *Developing a skills database; *facilitating the temporary return of qualified migrants to their country of origin; *facilitating the virtual return of qualified migrants to their country of origin; *creating partnerships between the migrants, host institutions in the target countries and institutions in the Netherlands.

Principaux bénéficiaires

*Staff of host institutions in the target countries which range from hospitals, universites, government ministries to private sector companies and NGO's; *Government stakeholders who wish to develop migration & development related policies and strategies.

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