Date de publication: oct 20, 2017

In this video posted by Migration Matters, Annamaria and Max from Give Something Back to Berlin explain the approach to integration that they use with many newcomers, and emphasise the value of active and intentional listening.



Date de publication: mai 13, 2016

Ambassador William Lacy Swing, Director General for International Organization for Migration, highlights the positive impacts of migration and the importance of ensuring that migrants are at the forefront of the discussions during the first ever World Humanitarian Summit to be held on 23-24 May 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Date de publication: jan 07, 2016

In this Devex interview, Magdy Martinez-Soliman, the United Nations Development Programme’s assistant administrator and director of the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support reflects on development cooperation in 2015. Mr. Martinez-Soliman explains the achievements and challenges that the UNDP is facing today to ensure global security, peace and development. Furthermore he highlights the importance of flexibility of funding, capacity and structures in order to deploy efficient and successful programmes on the ground. 

Date de publication: déc 14, 2015

Este video realizado por el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de El Salvador presenta las dinámicas migratorias de este país, así como ejemplos de iniciativas emprendedoras que buscan generar oportunidades de desarrollo local.

Date de publication: déc 11, 2015

Este video producido por Planeta Interno, muestra testimonios de diez mujeres de Upala que participaron en la I Conferencia Nacional de Permacultura (COCOPERMA), en el marco del Proyecto “Iniciativa Conjunta sobre Migración y Desarrollo” implementado por OIM y la organización no gubernamental Cenderos en Costa Rica. Este evento propició un espacio de encuentro, intercambio, formación y diálogo abierto sobre este tema, así como el posicionamiento del trabajo desarrollado en Upala en la Red de Economía Social Solidaria.

Date de publication: avr 07, 2015

The following is one of the success stories of the diaspora contribution to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Three natives of BiH, who grew up and were educated in Austria, where their skills were recognised in the Remus Innovation Company, contributed to achieving one of the largest investments in Sanski Most, thus giving new hope for the unemployed in this municipality.

Date de publication: jan 21, 2015

This week, IOM Peru is launching a documentary showcasing La Caravana de la Vida (The Life Caravan), a project implemented between 2012 and 2014 that brought much-needed mobile health services to remote areas in the Amazon.

Date de publication: déc 09, 2014

Migration is constantly evolving. Around one in ten people in the developed world today is an immigrant. And over the past decade, migrants have accounted for 70% of the increase in the working-age population in the OECD area, according to the OECD’s latest International Migration Outlook -

Date de publication: déc 09, 2013

The video “Story of Fatma” has been produced by IOM Tunisia, with the support of SHARE Project Steering Committee composed by Tunisian Ministries, international organizations and local NGOs, as part of a national comprehensive strategy to counter-trafficking in the country.