Webinar: Online/Offline: How Technology Can Empower Local Refugee Communities


Wed, 11/23/2016

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Migrant access to urban services

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Cities of Migration organizes a webminar on November 23 to unpack UNHCR’s latest report, Connecting Refugees: How Internet and Mobile Connectivity Can Improve Refugee Well-Being and Transform Humanitarian Action, on the critical role that information and communications technology plays in improving the lives of refugees from city to city. From the lifeline of mobile connectivity to internet basics for e-registering health and other  services, ICT and online platforms are providing scalable tech solutions that facilitate refugee connection and inclusion and driving enduring social innovation offline.

The event will take the form of a conversation with Alan Vernon, Project Lead, Connectivity for Refugees, UNHCR, UN Refugee Agencyand Joséphine Goube, Chief Operating Officer of Techfugees, and will take place at 10:00 EST in Toronto, Washington DC - 15:00 GMT in London - 16:00 CET in Berlin, Barcelona.

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