MIGRANT WOMEN AND GENDER VIOLENCE: Strategies and perspectives for interventions

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This material addresses social interventions with migrant women in the field of gender-based violence.

It has been adapted and translated into English from an original manual produced as a supporting tool for the training stages of the Promoting Human Rights of Migrants from a Gender Perspective project. Although the training workshops were aimed at public servants from the Government of the City of Buenos Aires involved in assisting women in situations of violence, this material has been adapted to allow it to be applied in other contexts, by both public servants and representatives from civil society organizations or other institutions.

This manual can be used as a reference tool, as well as a practical instrument for training workshops. Its content covers a theoretical and conceptual development of the topics and provides a series of exercises for group work in different learning activities.

The purpose of the book is to provide the tools necessary for including a perspective of gender, human rights and inter-culturality in social interventions with migrant women in situations of violence. This cross-cutting perspective strengthens the effective access and exercise of migrant women’s rights.
Content of the training material

The material is structured into four modules:
•Module 1: Background and context in which the training material was produced
•Module 2: Gender-based violence as a violation of human rights
•Module 3: Migration processes: as seen from a gender perspective
•Module 4: Intervention with migrant women: synergizing human rights, gender and inter-culturality perspectives.


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