The Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) is funded by the European Union and the Swiss Development Agency and implemented by the UNDP Brussels Office in coordination with the following partners:

  • United Nations Partners - The JMDI is implemented by UNDP in collaboration with IOM, ILO, UNFPA,UNHCR and UN Women. The six agencies contribute to the programme with their institutional knowledge, expertise and extensive networks to ensure its success.
  • Local Authorities Network - the JMDI builds on existing Local Authorities (LA) Networks in order to draw on local authorities’ experience in helping migrants get involved in the communities they left behind. The network works to identify, showcase and discuss examples of how cities and regions can help make migration work for development. In this regard and in its second phase, the JMDI aims to specifically form a partnership between the JMDI and the UNDP Art Gold programme (which deals with local governance and local development), to work together and share resources in order to build active synergies in the countries where the JMDI and Art Gold are present. The JMDI team has put at your disposal a new section 'M4D goes local' which draws on the important links between migration and local development. 
  • Civil Society Organizations – Phase II of the JMDI is implemented in partnership with civil society and other local actors (chambers of commerce, private sector, universities etc.) in order to ensure that the initiatives as far-reaching in terms of impact, population outreach and sustainability. Indeed, Phase I of the JMDI has shown that local M&D initiatives are most successful when a multi-stakeholder approach is implemented in conjunction with local authorities and a variety of other interested local actors. Many projects funded during Phase I were implemented by civil society organisations, whcih you can identify by clicking here.