“My JMDI Toolbox” offers a flexible and comprehensive tool for local stakeholders (local authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia, international organizations etc.) on how to mainstream migration into local development planning in order to be able to better harness the development potential of migration. For an interactive presentation on this, click here.


The contents of the Toolbox were designed as a direct response to the specific needs identified from local stakeholders and practitioners working on migration and development issues. The training package covers a wide range of practical issues connected with Local Development through 6 modules. The first and core module is compulsory with the remaining 5 optional modules depending on the various interests of the trainees. The Toolbox also contains a set of identified good practices, a list of further resources and courses as well a set of selected key resources from JMDI partners, all of which can provide further support and guidance to local actors in their M&D efforts.

You can access all of these resources in the below list:


Forewords: Donors and Implementing Partners
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My JMDI User Guide:
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Training Modules:

Core Module: Introduction to Migration and Local Development
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Module 1: Managing the link between migration and development 
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Module 2: Establishing partnerships, cooperation and dialogue on M&D at local level 
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Module 3
Empowering migrants at the territorial level 
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Module 4: 
Creating jobs and economic opportunities at the local level 
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Module 5: 
Increasing the impact on development through integration and re-integration policies 
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Good Practices:
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References: This document provides a list of complementary tools and training manuals from other M&D actors and JMDI partners such as UN Women, IOM, ILO, OHCHR, Cities Alliance and more covering a wide range of topics from local governance, integration, gender and human rights based approaches to development and labour migration
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Migration for development: a bottom-up approach – a handbook for practitioners and policy makers

A key milestone and output of the JMDI is the production of this Handbook for practitioners and policy-makers. It is designed as a toolbox for setting up M&D projects and is enriched by references to the concrete experiences of projects funded by the JMDI.  

The handbook comprises of 3 main sections. Part I promotes a bottom-up approach and explores the reasons underlying such an approach. PARTS II and III are intended as practical, hands-on sections.

From Migration to Development: Lessons drawn from the experience of local authorities

This study assesses the best practices and defines the potential contribution of European local authorities in the field of migration and development.  In this respect, the views of European local authorities in regard to their role in stimulating the positive connection between migration and development are presented, as well as a number of successful initiatives. A condensed version of the report is also available.

Mapping local authorities’ practices in the area of Migration and Development: a territorial approach to local initiatives and needs

This study is the result of a global mapping exercise of local authorities’ practices in the area of M&D conducted by the JMDI in 2012. The report makes the case that local authorities are the missing piece in the global migration and development puzzle. By drawing on over 90 identified practices, the report argues that the strategies, and partnerships developed by and the capacity building needs of local authorities need to be addressed in future M&D programmes.

Local Authorities: The missing link for harnessing the potential of migration for development

The JMDI contributed to the January 2013 'Migration Policy Practice' issue with this article, which  draws on the linkages between migration and local development, highlighting the various capitals that migrants can bring to local authorities and communities, as well as to sustainable development strategies.

The State of Local and Regional Integration of Migration and Development in Morocco (Only available in French)

In 2010, the JMDI embarked on a ‘mainstreaming migration into development planning’ pilot in Morocco. The report is the result of this exercise. It assesses and covers twenty existing M&D initiatives at the local level in Morocco using a clear methodology which identifies the opportunities and challenges that local authorities and civil society organizations face when implementing M&D practices.



Mainstreaming Migration into Development Planning

Table of Complementary Tools and Training Manuals