Local authorities and other local actors involved in implementing M&D initiatives can be faced with various obstacles. These may include: a lack of resources; limited coordination with the many stakeholders with a role to play in managing migration; limited support at the national and international level; lack of data and understanding on migration and development contexts and; little access to the global and national dialogues and spaced on M&D for knowledge sharing and creation of partnerships.

It is within this context that the JMDI has created a set of training tools and resources as part of the capacity building component of the programme which aim to provide practical tools and resources to support local actors to overcome the challenges they face for more effective migration management for local development.

These tools include an e-learning course on “Running your M&D Project Successful” and the "My JMDI Toolbox" which contains a set of training modules on how to manage migration at the local level, other JMDI resources such as the JMDI Handbook “Migration for development: A bottom up approach – A handbook for practitioners and policymakers” and more.