Success Stories


The UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) has published a collection of "Success Stories", which contains a series of JMDI case studies on good practices, lessons learnt and recommendations built on the results and lessons learnt from the JMDI supported projects in eight target countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Philippines, Morocco, Nepal, Senegal, and Tunisia. These are evidence-based and can serve to guide other local and regional authorities in implementing similar initiatives.

For ease, the JMDI has characterised these case studies into five digestible main themes as outlined below:


  • Social inclusion
  • Economic inclusion
  • Engaging diaspora for development
  • Mainstreaming migration into local development planning
  • Partnerships for effective migration governance for local development


The case studies themselves are structured around five principal sections: (i) Introduction section which explains the topic to be addressed and why it is relevant in relation to migration and development; (ii) Context section which highlights the migratory, development and political context in play in the territory in question; (iii) Overview of the Practice which describes how the main steps of the practice were carried out; (iv) Key Lessons Learnt which outlines what lessons have been learnt while implementing the practice; (v) Recommendations section which provides suggestions on how to enhance and ensure the sustainability of the practice. 

In addition, each case study provides information on further resources to consult and outlines the related SDG targets that are reflected in the good practice highlighted. 

To read the Success Stories click here.

And you may see the Case Studies online individually here.


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