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In August 2009, HelpAge International in partnership with Hope for Children Development Company Ltd. received funding for an eighteen-month project entitled “Mitigating the Negative Impact of Migration on the Multi-Generational Household in Jamaica” under The EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative.

The overall objective of the project is to create positive linkages between migration and development in Jamaica through increasing the protection and social inclusion of migrants and their families. This objective will be achieved through increasing the awareness of policy makers and other stakeholders of migrants’ rights and the impact of migration on poor Multi-generational households (MGHs), and improving access of MGHs affected by migration to services and income and livelihood opportunities. An integral component of the project is its focus on the everyday realities of multigenerational families of migrants, and the identification of various strategies to address the challenges they face. The baseline survey was therefore included in the project as establishing the context of the situation of members of multigenerational households of migrants.

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  • Migrant access to urban services

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Addressing the main hindrances limiting the impact of remittances on development: cost and access
Adopting a human rights-based approach to migration and development
Enhancing migrants' role in development through protection of their rights

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