MedGeneration White Paper - "The investment contribution of the economic Diasporas in the Euro-Mediterranean region"

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As a result of all the work carried out in this line of advocacy since the launch of the project in late 2013, MedGeneration publishes a white paper aimed at the local and regional authorities for the adoption of a Euro-Mediterranean strategy for the involvement of the economic Diasporas' talents by 2020. It is an appeal towards policy makers in charge of migration policies, as well as towards improving the attractiveness and economic development of the territories

The measures proposed by ANIMA and its partners to remove barriers of diaspora investment are grouped into six distinct points. These recommendations form the basis of a cross-cutting framework for issues of mobility, economic attractiveness, and cooperation to be adopted by economic development policy makers and actors of the Mediterranean territories.

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Encouraging collective investment of remittances for development in countries of origin

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