Grandparents and grandchildren: impact of migration in Moldova

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The research report is based on the HelpAge International short-term project of UNICEF in Moldova "Building capacity of volunteer networks to support older people caring for grandchildren to prevent institutionalization and reintegrate children with their families”.

if you plan to work with multigenerational families where older people care for children left behind by migrant parents, you can learn the findings and recommendations of the above-mentioned project.

The contect gives:
- an overview of migration in Moldova;
- remittances: good or bad;
- methods to support older persons caring for children of migrant parents;
- recommendations for third parties working or dealing with multigenerational families afected by migration;
- risk exposure of an older person headed household;
- the suceses of the project;
- case studies;
- final recommendations.

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  • Migrant rights

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12 pages

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Making migration work better for development by addressing inappropriate recruitment practices
Mitigating the negative impact of migration on family members' rights in countries of origin

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Chisinau, Moldova, Printing House "Pontos"

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HelpAge international in Moldova