Virtual platform for migrants and their families

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Virtual platform for migrants and their families

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Fri, 03/31/2006

Brief description of the initiative

The management of an autonomous communication tool that truly reflects the point of view on migration of the terget beneficiaries and not from official media sources.

Results and lessons learned

Key lesson(s) learned from this project/initiative - The most important thing is to maintain autonomy, especially on economic matters in order to keep the freedom of speech within the contents and information published. - Successful work is based in volunteers and workers committed with the project. - The speed of the update of information contents must be undertaken on the basis of generating reliable information. - It is important to create accessible contents that are easy to understand and that are focused on the practical needs of visitors of the website. - It is crucial to take advantage of technological resources in order to improve and boost political advocacy activities at a global level, with low costs and maximum impact. - It is important to create contents for different audiences such as NGOs, migrants’ families, political actors, governmental institutions, students, etc. - It is necessary to have strategic partners in different places to improve the quality, contents and overall published information. - It is important to start with small steps that consist of starting with simple plans to bigger programs based on the real needs of community. - It is necessary to promote an international and multicultural approach to the contents and information launched.



Key success or innovative factors

This initiative was successful and innovative because: - It is the only initiative of this kind in Ecuador - It represents the point of view of the beneficiaries of migration and development schemes. Thus, it provides them with their “own voice”, which is independent from the media or official sources (government, NGOs, cooperation agencies). - It was elaborated as part of a bigger process that aims at providing an integral support to migrants and their families. - It promotes the participation of the target population, giving them spaces for public opinion, discussion, information, among others. - It represents the migrant’ association viewpoint, considered for many as the official source of representation for Ecuadorian migrants abroad. - It is updated every three hours, becoming the most reliable information source on migration issues in Ecuador (even for governmental institutions). - Its contents are useful and accessible for migrants speaking Spanish in the entire world. - The use of technology resources decrease operation costs and offer a service available 24 hours, 365 days per year. - It is a project implemented, sponsored and supported in its totality by volunteers located in different parts of world.

Key success factors of this initiative: - Autonomy in the generation of online migration contents and information. - Reliability and transparency in the process. - Constant updates of contents and fast speed of reply regarding contents proposed on the site. - Commitment of volunteers working in the project.


14.000 USD per year

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Main thematic areas

Migrant access to urban services

Focus area

Migrant Rights
Migrant Communities

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Virtual platform for migrants and their families



Main objectives

The management of an autonomous communication tool that truly reflects the point of view on migration of the terget beneficiaries and not from official media sources.



Main activities

The main activities involved:- News centre with updates every 3 hours on what is happening in Ecuador, the EU and the world related to migration. - Virtual forum specialized in legal counselling for migrants and their families, promoting also discussions about the impact of migration for migrants’ families and information on migrants’ rights. - Improvement of tools related to migrants’ rights, such as a comparative document between the legal framework of migration in Ecuador and Spain, among others. - Virtual classrooms for productive capacity building trainings and integration activities in Spain and Ecuador. - Social networks, including blogs, chat, messaging, among others.

Main beneficiaries

Since the website was launched, it has received more than 2.700.000 visitors from 115 countries around the world.

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