Target country initiatives


The over-all objective of the project is to optimize the contribution of migration in regional and local development in Western Visayas.  Migration dynamics have a strong potential role in supporting local development processes.  The drivers and impacts of migration are often most strongly felt at the local level.  Communities also have strong ties with their diaspora communities who originate from their area and can be important players in developing players towards the diaspora.  Especially during times of disasters and calamities, overseas Filipinos are strong partners both in the...
The project provided financial training with a special focus on remittances, which helped raise the ability of families to address future economic difficulties anticipated by the decrease in remittances during the financial crisis.
The project utilized the potential of the Moldovan Diaspora doctors and pharmacists, other scientists and students, for the development of the Moldovan health system through a cooperative effort of host institutions of the Migrants currently working in EU member states.
The project developed the capacities of 50 professionals working with the children in Moldova and other professional working with migrant parents in France to help children become more resilient and socially included.
The project identified and trained 3 local teams (in as many Moroccan urban areas, probably Casablanca-Settat, Tangiers-Tetouan and the Fez region) of human resources / career advisors. These were local operators who assisted the 2 target beneficiaries of the proposal.
The project aimed at establishing a large-scale chicken farm as an income-generating activity for the inhabitants of the rural area of Ouled Daoug (Nador province, northern Morocco). The project's purpose stemmed from local needs in the context of agriculture as the main productive, yet only seasonal, activity, which does not secure stable revenues for the local population.
To have a friendly and secure meeting space for migrants, immigrants, refugee and asylum seekers´ children and their families, where they can receive a quality daily care, as well as support and information on their rights.
The management of an autonomous communication tool that truly reflects the point of view on migration of the terget beneficiaries and not from official media sources.