Sustainability in Development Projects: Joint Egyptian-Cypriot Initiative

Short title

Sustainability in Development Projects

Start date - End date

Wed, 09/30/2009 to Wed, 09/29/2010

Brief description of the initiative

The Project aims to raise the capacity of Local NGOs in Upper Egypt to implement sustainable development projects.

Results and lessons learned

3 workshops have been held on sustainable development projects, including three main themes: institutional sustainability, resources mobilization and strategic leadership. They were attended by 30 trainees representing 15 NGOs from four Egyptian governorates. -Two newsletters with a focus on the Migration for Development initiative have been produced. All NGOs both domestically and internationally found a space to reflect their concerns and to involve in discussions over sustainable development. The newsletters have been professionally produced and cover all forms of journalistic work; investigative reports, interviews, news, articles and commentaries. -4 development documentation booklets have been published in Arabic with an English abstract, and they focus on different fields; the relationship between human rights and economic development, faith-based development approaches, development experience based on relationship between private sector and NGO, and lastly a multidimensional experience in development introduced in the work of a national Bank in Egypt. -A bilingual website on sustainable development has been developed Its web address is; it contains stories, articles, reports and book reviews on sustainable development in addition to the issue of migration in general.



Key success or innovative factors

The project is innovative in that  it helps to improve the communication between migrant communities and their countries of origin in Egypt.

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160,710 EUR


JMDI, European Union

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Focus area

Migrant Capacities

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Main objectives

The project objectives fit in “Migrant Capacities” thematic window and they are as follows:


  1. To provide local NGOs in the least developed governorates in Upper Egypt, with needed knowledge and skills to build sustainable development projects. 
  2. To help both the Arab migrant community in Cyprus and Egyptian community in general understand the development needs and pre?requisites in the least developed governorates in Upper Egypt, explore their potential futuristic role in developing these areas and foster future cooperation



Main activities

The Project aims at building the capacity of Local NGOs in Upper Egypt on sustainability of development project. It will focus on three interconnected themes: institutional sustainability, partnership and local resources mobilization. The main activities of the project are workshops, seminars, publications and media outreach.

Main beneficiaries

Throughout this project, 45 Egyptian NGOs in least developed Upper Egypt governorates will benefit from the project, either directly or indirectly. However, the project’s goals go beyond direct skill transfer from Cypriot Arab expatriate development specialists to Egyptian NGOs, to propose strategies for sustainable development projects, with the intention that the outcomes of the whole process will impact these NGOs' long-term strategies, donors’ agendas, government approaches, and media outlets.

Project Documents

There are no documents for this project yet.