Support for children and parents in migration

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Support for children and parents in migration

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Wed, 09/30/2009 to Sun, 02/27/2011

Brief description of the initiative

The project developed the capacities of 50 professionals working with the children in Moldova and other professional working with migrant parents in France to help children become more resilient and socially included.

Results and lessons learned

The project developed the following informational and didactic materials: -Book for children left behind “Home alone” -Guide for parents “My child is home alone” -Guide for professionals working with children left behind From the reports of the professionals, the books for children and parents are very useful not only for those affected by migration. The children reported that the information included in the books is very useful for them. The guide for professionals is the first resource of that type developed in Moldova. The guide for parents is translated in 3 languages – French, Romanian, Bulgarian – which allows a wider distribution and reaching in France also those who do not speak French.



Key success or innovative factors

The project approaches the mitigation of the negative impact of migration on family members both in the countries of origin and in the country of destination. When migrated parents have a secured situation, then also the children left behind feel more protected. In the country of origin – Moldova – the project develops the capacities of the professionals working with children and parents. This provides the opportunity to prevent the negative consequences of migration by preparing families for the new situations during the separation periods. The project developed for the first time informational materials tackling all the actors involved: children, parents and professionals.

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182.060 euro


JMDI, European Union

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Main thematic areas

Migrant rights

Focus area

Mitigating the negative impact of migration on family members' rights in countries of origin

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Main objectives

The project aimed to diminish the negative impact of parents' migration on children left behind in five communities of Moldova.



Main activities

Educational activities were provided in schools to youth who need independence training skills on basic finances and healthy living. Guides were distributed to children, parents and caregivers.

Main beneficiaries

It is estimated that 1,000 children aged 11-18 benefited directly from the activities. 10,000 children all over Moldova were informed of parents’ migration consequences and learn ways to cope with difficult situations.

Project Documents

  • Le guide "Mon enfant est resté au pays" a été publié en français, en roumain et en bulgare.

    Ce guide s'adresse directement aux parents migrants vivant en France, dont les enfants sont restés au pays d'origine. Il propose des répères pour aider les parents à mieux garder le lien avec leurs enfants, à faire en sorte que la séparation soit moins difficile et à préparer les retrouvailles lorsque cela est possible.

    Le guide est diffusé gratuitement.
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