Sankofa Family Poultry

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Sankofa Family Poultry

Start date - End date

Tue, 07/01/2008

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Results and lessons learned

75% increased of income has been recorded. Women became able to earn a good income fromt he sale of eggs from their layers. (they were able to pay school fees, buying new clothes for their family, perform funeral rites) / Women became more socially active in the communities. Involvement of the husbands of the beneficiaries is very important.



Key success or innovative factors

Practical training in poultry health and production methods with women poultry farmers. Involvement of the Rural Bank. Technical design and use of local material for the poultry houses. Co-operative set-up for collective responsibility. Improvement: Micro-credit schemes for the women. Brooding farm for pullets. Poultry feed preparation.


50.000 Euro


Oxfam Novib and Sankofa Foundation

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Focus area

Migrant Communities
Migrant Capacities

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Sankofa Family Poultry



Other partners

The local chief and queen mother, district Assembly, Rural Bank.

Main objectives

The overall objective of the project ws to increase family income to 70% from the sale of eggs through smallholder commercial poultry production and also increase employment opportunities for women and their family members.



Main activities

1) A good secure sustainable poultry housing system, made with local materials such as bamboo, sticks and thatch roof. 2) Training in basic management of poultry and goat raising including feed regimes and techniques, record keeping, coop and environmental cleanliness, supplement feeding with some local greens (vegetables) 3) Constant supply of feed from a recognised feed mill from the Asutsuare Poultry farm 4) Group sourcing for poultry inputs and marketing of the products 5) Access to micro-loans from the rural bank. (beneficiaries: 32 women in Asutsuare, Dangme, Ghana)

Main beneficiaries

50 resource poor and marginalized women in Asutuare, Ghana. The project is ongoing and extended to 320 women fro the coming 3 years: 2008/2010.

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We are thebluevalleytrust working for the srilanka refugees. To give more work and get the family benefit.children education,women developments and the future savings for the betterment future.

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