Welcome to the Country Profile page of Senegal. Below you can find information and news on the country related to migration and development, what projects are going on in the JMDI and key documents or resources related to the projects or country itself. 


Political and decentralization context:

Senegal has been committed to a decentralization process for the past several years. The latest step taken has been the approval of the IIIrd Decentralization Act, which gives more responsibilities to the departmental and communal levels.  For many local authorities, fulfilling this role represents a new challenge. They are thus being supported and assisted in this process by various programmes led by Ministries and Regional Development Agencies (RDA).


Development context:

Despite its positive growth rate record, Senegal remains affected by important disparities between regions, some of them being severely marginalized and facing hardships in relation to population, agriculture and employment management. The Senegalese State’s Emerging Social Plan aims to enhance the economic growth of territories and the regions’ various sectors through several programmes dedicated to investment and the promotion of economic activities.


Migratory context:

As a consequence of the difficulties in terms of development referred to above, Senegal is characterized by mass rural and internal migration towards Dakar, as well as by regular emigration flows towards Morocco, Niger and Libya, from regions in the province (and through Dakar). The tragic deaths in the Mediterranean have had a strong impact on the population, with many organizations calling for awareness and prevention on irregular migration departure. The Senegalese State has also demonstrated a strong will to recognize and engage with its diaspora, referring to it as the “15th region of Senegal”. As such, various programmes are being led by the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministries to reach out to the diaspora.


Key local, national laws and bilateral or international agreements related to M&D :

Investment Code and Law n°2008-47: tax benefits designed to encourage foreign and Senegalese abroad to invest in Senegal

Decree n°2008-636: establishment of a specific support fund reserved for the Senegalese abroad, the FAISE Support Fund for Investment by Senegalese abroad


Programmes and other structures :

FONGIP: Counterparts engagement to ease the access to credit for entrepreneurs

BAOS – Welcome and Orientation Desk for Senegalese abroad: Directorate General Decentralised Satellites in Regions for Senegalese abroad


The following organizations are working on Migration and Development-related issues:

International Organization for Migration in Dakar

Support Programme for Solidarity Initiatives for Development (PAISD)




Teranga Rewmi




Key documents for this country: 

IOM Country Migration Report Senegal (2009)

The local dimension of the Migration-Development dialectics: the case of France-Senegal

The impact of environmental change on human migration, case study: Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire

Policy and institutional frameworks: Senegal country report on Migration

Migration Policy Development and associative practices in Senegal

Migration data census in Senegal


Other project documents for this country​

Guide to Local Economic Development: Territory, Trades and Entrepreneurship. Experiences in the Senegal River Basin (Mauritania, Mali, Senegal)

The monograph: a tool of animation and concertation

Municipal concertation, working together to decide and act on the territory on a sustainable basis

Meeting migrants and their partners for a territory to territory cooperation

Directory of co-development initiatives of migrants from Sedhiou Region established in Senegal and Gambia

The co-development practices of the diaspora of Sedhiou in France and Spain

Mainstreaming the migration and development dimension into local development strategies

Note on capitalization of municipal migration profiles

Directory on CSOs of the diaspora of Sedhiou in France and Spain

Directory of co-development initiatives

Directory of Individual Economic Initiatives

Synthesis report on the diaspora of Sedhiou in France and Spain


JMDI Projects

Project 1

“Linking migrants, local authorities, investors and economic actors for local development”

Where: Diourbel region

Context: The region of Diourbel has been exposed to high internal and external migrations flows for many years. Migrants who migrate to Europe predominantly settle down in France, Italy and Spain which has led the regional local development agency of Diourbel to reach out to the diaspora community with a view to harness their contributions for the local development of the regions. In this context, the ARD has already benefitted from JMDI funding during its first phase and established an institutional environment that actively promotes migrants’ entrepreneurship. While the results of this initiative were satisfying, several obstacles related to the lack of financial and technical support remained an issue. This project thus seeks to build upon and further reinforce the results obtained with funding from the first JMDI phase.

Objectives: Develop economic tools for migrants to facilitate their investments with a view to enhance income-generating activities for the local population.

Partner organization(s): Confédération Sénégalaise pour la promotion des petites et moyennes entreprises et l’entreprenariat des Emigrés (CONFESEN), Comité des Femmes Entrepreneurs FEDERCLAAI de la Vénétie en Italie

Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries will include the local communities of Diourbel, diaspora organizations and its members in neighbouring countries and in Europe.

Duration: 21 months

Contribution from the JMDI: USD 230,000


Project 2

“PAICODEL-S, Supporting co-development initiatives for local economic development in the Sedhiou region”

Where: Sedhiou region

Context: With more than 65% of the population affected by migration, human mobility is a constant in the history of the Sédhiou region. Indeed, Sédhiou sends and welcomes migrants of neighboring countries,regions and Europe. Remittances showed to have an important impact on the creation of economic projects in the region (small businesses, agricultural development banks of cereals). Although Sédhiou is considered as one of the regions most affected by migration in Senegal, its magnitude and concrete impact are little known to the local administrations. After some first assessments initiated by the Agence Régionale de Développement de Sédhiou, the local government wants to step up its efforts to design methodological tools and create space for dialogue to better assess the contributions of migrants and their impact on the local development.

Objectives: Production of knowledge tools and data related to migration and development; Strengthening the dialogue with their local government counterparts of the host communities in Africa and Europe that receive migrants from the Sedhiou region.

Partner organization(s) : GRDR (Migration-Citoyenneté-Développement), Conseil Régional de Sédhiou (CRS)

Beneficiaries: PAICODELS will benefit the representatives of the ARDS, the Regional Council Sédhiou, the Associations of Citizens in West Africa and Europe and their decentralized cooperation partners in Europe, as well as the communities of Sédhiou.

Duration: 18 Months

Contribution from the JMDI: USD 230,000


For more information contact the JMDI Focal Point Yvain Bon at


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