Migration and Development Initiative in Western Visayas

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Tue, 07/01/2014 to Sat, 04/30/2016

Brief description of the initiative

The over-all objective of the project is to optimize the contribution of migration in regional and local development in Western Visayas.  Migration dynamics have a strong potential role in supporting local development processes.  The drivers and impacts of migration are often most strongly felt at the local level.  Communities also have strong ties with their diaspora communities who originate from their area and can be important players in developing players towards the diaspora.  Especially during times of disasters and calamities, overseas Filipinos are strong partners both in the recovery of affected families through their remittances and in rehabilitating efforts through diaspora philanthropy.  The good practices identified by the Joint Migration and Development Initiative Phase I showed the importance of efficiently linking civil society initiatives with local development agendas in order to reach sustainability and impact.  The experimentation of small scale initiatives have had positive effects and contributed to change the degree of activism of local administrations in the field of migration and development (M&D).  However, their involvement remains underdeveloped and many obstacles exist, such as lack of capacities and of efficient and effective coordination within local authorities’ administration and with other stakeholders.  




USD 250,000


Swiss Development Cooperation

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Main thematic areas

Diaspora engagement
Environment / migration linkages
Local Authorities
Migrant access to urban services
Migration and national development plans
Remittances and financial sector development

Focus area

Migration and Local Economic Development
Migration and Local Governance
Creating sustainable networks amongst migrant communities for development
Mobilizing and giving a voice to migrant communities for development

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Regional Director - National Economic and Development Authority Region VI



Other partners

Commission on Filipinos Overseas Regional Development Council Region VI Western Visayas League of Local Planning and Development Coordinators Signpost Philippines Provincial Governments of Western Visayas

Main objectives

To contribute towards a higher impact of migration on local development, targeted support will be provided through (1) strengthening the capacities of local stakeholders to engage on and promote the links between migration and development, (2) strengthening local authorities’ initiatives and activities relative to operating functioning migration resource centers and pooling collective remittances to support disaster risk reduction and other M&D initiatives, and (3) connecting local authorities internationally to facilitate partnership building and knowledge sharing. 



Main activities

The project’s objective is to make migration an enabler in the regional and local development of Western Visayas. Its strategy is to capacitate local stakeholders, particularly the local government units, to prepare their respective local development and investment plans that take into consideration migration as an enable to local development, coordinate with migrants and their families for investments and other economically viable activities, and operate migration resource centers to provide services for migrants and their families such as investment promotion and financial literacy activities. This is also in line with Country Programme’s aim of strengthening the capacities of local communities including LGUs to access and manage assets and revenues from environmental and mineral resources and overseas remittances for local development.

Main beneficiaries

Related to the results framework of the global JMDI programme, the project will maximize the potential of migration for local government particularly those in disaster-affected areas through the delivery of targeted support to local authorities and non-state actors and responding to needs and recovery of affected migrants or their families.


The expected outputs and corresponding activities are:

Output 1: Constituencies of local actors in the regions of intervention equipped to engage on and promote the links between migration and development


            Activity 1.1: Prepare the Western Visayas Migration Situationer

            Activity 1.2: Conduct of one regional forum and four capacity building activities

            Activity 1.3: Mentoring of 15 local government units on mainstreaming M&D


Output 2: Local authorities’ initiatives and activities relative to operating functioning migration resource centers and pooling collective remittances to support disaster risk reduction strengthened


            Activity 2.1: Establishment of Regional Development Council’s Sub-Committee on M&D

            Activity 2.2: Establishment of at least three functioning Provincial Migration Resource Centers with financial literacy and investment promotion activities

            Activity 2.3: Implementation of collective remittance mechanism to support disaster risk reduction


Output 3: Local authorities and civil society organizations connected internationally to facilitate partnerships and knowledge sharing


Activity 3.1: Involve local stakeholders in the M4D Net

Activity 3.2: Develop specific knowledge products in the field of migration and development

Activity 3.3: Leveraging on dedicated meetings for local authorities to facilitate partnership building


Output 4: Project management and oversight

Project Documents

There are no documents for this project yet.