Migrant ACCESS Programme (MAP)

Short title

Migrant ACCESS Programme (MAP)

Start date - End date

Wed, 09/30/2009 to Wed, 03/30/2011

Brief description of the initiative

The Project provided support to migrant returnees and their family members in the Southern Province regions of Hambantota and Matara Districts. The MAP programme provided beneficiaries with professional reintegration support through assistance in finding employment based on their skills acquired while abroad and/or access to micro-enterprise support.

Results and lessons learned

Within the framework of this project, one of the several results attained has been the creation of at least 150 business plans of beneficiaries of the project which have been completed in order to aid the socio-economic empowerment and integration of return migrants in southern Sri Lanka.



Project number



€ 199,999


JMDI, European Union

Partner country(ies)


Main thematic areas

Migration and national development plans

Focus area

Migrant Rights
Migrant Communities
Migrant Capacities

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Main objectives

The overall objective of the proposed action was the improvement of the social and economic reintegration of returnees in the Hambantota and Matara Districts


Sri Lanka

Main activities

The main activities included: economic assistance for training and counseling of returned migrants, small grants for business start up, job application assistance, and other direct training. Given that 82% of female returnees in both districts are employed as housemaids in the Middle East, the programme had a specific gender dimension. The project activities were implemented through an already established infrastructure developed by the German partner in 2005 after the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Main beneficiaries

The project reached 2000 beneficiaries: 350 beneficiaries received economic assistance through training and counseling on the start-up of their business. Of these, at least 300 returnees and their households received start-up grants for their businesses based on approval of their business plans. 200 beneficiaries will receive job application assistance, while a further 200 received direct training, life skills and/or technical services.

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