About projects

Projects are the keystone of migration and development in action. M4D Net members can find inspiration from the practices of other migration and development actors from the database of projects on the M4D Net Portal, which includes over 300 projects identified by the JMDI. You can search projects using the interactive map or the sub-pages sorted by: ongoing JMDI projects, past JMDI projects and non JMDI projects. You can also access the country profiles through the map.

Our aim is to give visibility to a wide range of successful migration and development projects that are implemented across regions and to provide examples that can be replicated.

The project page of each of the JMDI projects is regularly updated to demonstrate the progress made during the implementation period. The projects funded through the JMDI are implemented in the following countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Senegal, and Tunisia.

The implementing organizations of the funded and identified M&D projects can be contacted by the M4D Net members with a view to ask for support and further information or to propose joint activities.

We also warmly encourage you to send us your M&D project by clicking the ‘submit your project’ tab!

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