The Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development (“Mayoral Forum”) is the annual City-led dialogue on migration and development, supported by local, regional and international partners.  Launched at the UN General Assembly’s Second High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (HLD) in 2013, it provides an incubating space where local leaders can share practical and inventive solutions for governing migration, protecting rights and promoting inclusive urban economic growth.

The Mayoral Forum offers an opportunity to explore how good practices can be replicated in other cities, and to identify the resources required for implementation.  What is more, the Mayoral Forum acts as a bridge, opening access for cities and regional governments to policy circles where they can inform, and be informed by, national and international policy-making. In so doing, it fosters local adaptation and implementation of common principles, based on international standards. 

The Mayoral Forum is supported by the UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI), UNITAR, IOM and the World Bank, with financial contributions from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation,  the KNOMAD-World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and its hosting cities.