Third Global Mayoral Forum in Quezon City


Thu, 09/29/2016 to Fri, 09/30/2016

Type of event

Mayoral Forum


The Third Global Mayoral Forum took place in Quezon City, Philippines from September 29-30, 2016 and gathered 119 Mayors, City Representatives and members of International Organisations from 26 different countries. The focus of this Forum was two pronged, looking at: a) the role of diaspora in furthering development in communities of origin and destination; and b) the inclusion and protection of migrants and refugees in vulnerable situations within urban centres. Additionally, a consultation process was held for the first time leading up to the Forum to gather and consolidate the long-standing experience, good practices, lessons learnt and expertise of 70 civil society organizations worldwide. For more information on the Third Global Mayoral Forum, see the concept noteprogramme, and/or JMDI newspiece on the event.

  • Main outcome document

The Forum culminated in the signing of the official outcome document of the Forum – the Quezon City Commitment to Action – by all mayors and local leaders present. The document contains commitments for local authorities on how to continue advancing the rights, protection, integration and empowerment of migrants through concrete actions and initiatives, and to ensure that migration is experienced as a positive development phenomenon for all affected. Moreover, through this, an Informal Working Group co-chaired by the Mayors of Quezon City and Legazpi City (Philippines) has been established in order to develop the Local “Migrants in Countries in Crisis” (MICIC) Guidelines for Asian Cities is being developed by Cities set to be presented at the ASEAN Ministerial Summit in August 2017.