The New York City Global Mayors Summit on Migration and Refugee Policy and Practice


Mon, 09/18/2017 to Tue, 09/19/2017

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New York City hosts today and tomorrow the Global Mayors Summit on Migration and Refugee Policy. The aim of this event is to uncover how cities overcome obstacles to implementing policies that promote migrant and refugee integration, rights protection, and empowerment. This summit understands that cities are actors of critical importance dealing with the challenges and opportunities of migration at the local level. For this reason, the summit gathers municipal leaders, civil society and international stakeholders to discuss how to strengthen the richness of inclusive pluralism as a source of social cohesion and development. In addition, this programme will highlight the role of partnerships, including city networks and public/private partnerships, in advancing the goals established by cities, within the 2030 Agenda, to comprehensively address the global migration challenge.

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