iDiaspora Platform - Official Launch


Mon, 10/08/2018


The iDiaspora platform will be launched officially on Monday 8 October, opening day of the International Dialogue on Migration (IDM). The launch will take place in Geneva (13:15 to 14:45). Satellite events will be hosted in The Hague and Cairo.

iDiaspora is a global engagement and knowledge exchange hub for transnational communities and those looking to engage with them. The objective of the iDiaspora platform is to enable and empower diasporas to engage as development actors, and to facilitate interactions between transnational communities and governments. While diaspora-oriented online portals do exist, there is no comprehensive forum in which diaspora communities can connect with each other in order to maximize their impact. iDiaspora is a community-driven digital venue, facilitated by IOM, designed to promote diaspora engagement in the twentyfirst century in the spirit of diversity, openness and inclusivity. It will provide interactive and easy access to global diaspora communities, and content and commentary on diaspora engagement. The platform is designed as an evolving space and will actively seek to develop an emerging portfolio of products to empower transnational communities. The event will include a presentation on the platform and a discussion session for participants to ask questions and provide feedback on the platform.


Provisional Agenda of the IDM

Concept Note of the IDM