Staying behind: The effects of migration on older people and children in Moldova

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This publication was developed within the JMDI project Mv-175 in Moldova by HelpAge International and UNICEF, 2010. The pupose was to research the impact of migration on multigenerational households with migrant memebers and specifically how migration influences on the structure of the household, income and expenditures, child care and education, health and access to medical services, interpersonal relations, cultural life and associations.

The research is representative for multigeneational housholds (MGHs) in Moldova. The sample size included 1,205 MGHs, where 610 are households with family memebers temporarily abroad for work and receiving remittances and 595 MGHs without family members involved in migration and not receiving remittances (control group).

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Mitigating the negative impact of migration on family members' rights in countries of origin

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Pontos, Chisinau 2010

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