Movilidad Humana y Educación

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The programme "Movilidad Humana" is operated by the "Fundaciòn de Desarrollo Solidario" (solidarity development foundation). As a result of several years of experience, the foundation presents this publication about capacitation in the area of migration and development, mainly dedicated to provide a guideline for people working in the educational sector.
The composition of this module's content and presentation of methods enable all the members of society to reflect and put into practice values such as harmonious and constant communication, which is a key element of our personal development, adressing the realization of who we really are and who our environment demands us to be. From the point of view of migration this is very important and depicts a necessary tool in the treatment of problems in communities confronted with migrational processes, especially concerning children and young people.

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  • Skills development and retention

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128 pages

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Creating sustainable networks amongst migrant communities for development
Mobilizing and giving a voice to migrant communities for development
Adopting a human rights-based approach to migration and development
Mitigating the negative impact of migration on family members' rights in countries of origin

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Riobamba, Ecuador