Migrant Resource Centres: an initial assessment

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This assessment considers the work of Migrant Resource Centres (MRCs) in the context of Round Table 2, “Migrant integration, reintegration and circulation for development”, of the 2009 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Athens.

MRCs are defined here as physical structures that provide services to migrants which facilitate and empower them to migrate in a legal, voluntary, orderly and protected fashion.

In connection with the work of 17 different MRCs around the world, this assessment aims to provide an overview of good practices in empowering migrants to facilitate development and ensure better self-protection.

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Mobilizing and giving a voice to migrant communities for development
Reinforcing the capacities of migrant communities for development
Enhancing migrants' role in development through protection of their rights
Making migration work better for development by addressing inappropriate recruitment practices

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IOM Migration Research Series