Market Research in Kutaisi, Georgia

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Results of this market research shows a distinct and clear view of business processes of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kutaisi. The outcome of this research will give information and recommendations for the development of the training programs for managers and employees. These training programs are one of the instruments to support the construction of Georgia by developing Entrepreneurship.
The results of this market research provide information about the economical situation of Kutaisi. The research focuses primarily on the business processes of a number of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kutaisi to get a distinct view of all the processes of companies. This enables us to develop a high qualified training program that is in line with the wishes and needs of companies.

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Migrant Capacities
Avoiding brain waste both for societies in countries of origin and of destination
Building upon the capacities of highly skilled migrants as well as migrants professional/ entrepreneur associations for development
Reinforcing the capacities of migrant communities for development