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Los Haro Summer Camp
A Project of the Comité de Apoyo Los Haro en Napa

The Los Haro Summer Camp program began in 2007 as a pilot project to address the needs of children and youth of a border-spanning Mexican community. Thousands of Mexico-U.S. transnational communities have developed over the last half century as people have left their villages in search of jobs and opportunities in the United States. One of these transnational communities connects Napa with the small village of Los Haro, located in the Jerez Valley in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. Men from Los Haro first came to the Napa Valley in 1952 when there was a shortage of workers to bring in the grape harvest. In the half-century since hundreds more have followed to work in vineyards and wineries as well as in the many other jobs and services that help make Napa what it is today.

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Balancing the negative impact of brain drain by identifying and attracting the right human capital amongst migrants for development
Creating sustainable networks amongst migrant communities for development
Mobilizing and giving a voice to migrant communities for development
Reinforcing the capacities of migrant communities for development

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Los Haro Support Committee