Impact Funding Through the Diaspora



Sun, 04/29/2012

Type of event


Thematic area

Diaspora engagement



“Forward-looking funders are actively seeking to improve their support of the diaspora as development actors. The diaspora itself is understandably keen to access mainstream funding.This Africa-UK conference shall enable funders and the diaspora to jointly explore innovative, practical and effective ways of energising and enhancing development funding”    Gibril Faal – Chairman, AFFORD                      

The Conference organized by AFFORD UK seeks to address the following themes:

-        Challenges faced by diaspora organsiation in getting funding

-        Challenges faced by funders to in supporting diaspora organisations

-        New and innovative funding approaches and opportunities

-        How to make successful grant applications

-        How to improve the impact of development interventions

For registration, please contact the following email address: