Emigración Provincia de Chimborazo (Diagnóstico Situacional de los Emigrantes en la Provincia de Chimborazo)

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This situational diagnosis intends to depict the everyday life realities of families affected by migration resident in the region Chimborazo (Ecuador) and simultaneously allow room for dialogue, think about alternatives and take expedient measures aiming at humanizing processes of migration. We understand migration as an opportunity and challenge. We work for making dreams of migrants and their families come true in order to establish a life in dignity. This can only be achieved by creating employment and projects which help improving the quality of life of the social groups concerned. It is important to say that we don't oppose migration, but at the same time we believe in the potential of this province and the whole country to end the inequality of wealth distribution.
The first chapter refers to the framework, providing a description of the problem, the aims and the justificacion. The second chapter presents the concepts and methods used for the investigation. The third chapter depicts the results of research in secondary literature at the national level, whereas the fourth chapter poses the results obtained by opinion polls and interviews with migrant families in the Chimborazo province.

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74 pages

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Avoiding brain waste both for societies in countries of origin and of destination
Balancing the negative impact of brain drain by identifying and attracting the right human capital amongst migrants for development
Mobilizing and giving a voice to migrant communities for development
Reinforcing the capacities of migrant communities for development

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Riobamba, Ecuador

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Red Interinstitucional de Movilidad Humana de Chimborazo (RIMHUCH)