Developing developers: Migrants as development actors – A new way forward


Wed, 12/04/2013 to Thu, 12/05/2013

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Diaspora engagement


International Conference on Migration & Development

Developing developers: Migrants as development actors – A new way forward

Including International Partnership Fair: Bridging the gap

CoMiDe - Initiative for Migration and Development is organizing the International Conference on Migration & Development to establish a better understanding between development organizations and Diaspora communities and to promote collaboration in the field of Migration & Development. The conference comprises of an International Conference “Developing developers: Migrants as development actors – A new way forward” and a Partnership Fair “Bridging the Gap”. Please find the program attached below.

The speakers at the conference will be experts – both from governmental and non-governmental sector – in the field of migration policy and development co-operation from Austria, Belgium, Ghana, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. The panel discussions will be questioning various concepts of development cooperation in relation to migration issue and open the way for further discussion with all present audience. At the event, the

CoMiDe Manifesto on Migration and Development in Europe, a strategic document that contains recommendations for improving the understanding of the concepts of development cooperation and migration as a key element in this concept, will be presented as well.

The Partnership Fair “Bridging the Gap” will be organized together with SLOGA (Slovenian Platform for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid) and the participants of the regional conference on global education “TIA - There is an alternative”, which is organized by SLOGA on 4th and 5th December 2013 also in the City Museum Ljubljana. The Partnership Fair aims to foster concrete exchanges, project ideas and partnerships between development and Diaspora organizations. For more information on concrete proposals for exchange please visit the CoMiDe Database:

The Austrian campaign to promote the Manifesto has already been published:

For more information about the CoMiDe project, please visit the website: