Deported women encouraged by EC-UN Mission and Tour

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In a closed session, almost 20 trainees sensitized the Ambassador and other stakeholders about the various challenges they face in meeting their personal development goals. He encouraged them to remain committed in their endeavours, "I know it has to be difficult for you, you have made mistakes and are trying to turn a new page and I applaud that. I wish for you all the best as your success is crucial, as it will send the message to other single mothers who face harsh economic challenges that there are other options and opportunities for them."

Trainees reported that the event provided them with opportunities to get a god’s eye view of the Project, as well as publicised their work, enabled them to interact with key players and partners and added their voices to Project implementation.

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Reinforcing the capacities of migrant communities for development
Adopting a human rights-based approach to migration and development
Mitigating the negative impact of migration on family members' rights in countries of origin

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