About the M4D Net Members

Members interact on the M4D Net through different channels, for example they post upcoming events, recent studies, share their project fiches and post queries to which other members can respond. The functionalities developed allow members to share their knowledge and contribute to live chats, e-discussions etc., upload various documents and information and make their comments public on any content posted on the website. It is our goal to ensure that all the content posted on the website shows the collaborative spirit of the M4D Net and matches the interests and needs of the Community.

The M4D Net Members are evenly distributed between developing and industrialized countries. Civil society organizations active in the field of migration and development form the main constituency of the M4D Net, and the membership of local authorities is currently on the rise. Experts from the United Nations agencies, other international organizations, academia and the private sector also exchange and share their knowledge in the field of migration and development. In line with the main objectives of the JMDI, the M4D Net seeks to particularly network local authorities with other stakeholders in order to put emphasis on their potential to make migration work for local development.