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Sep 01, 2011

In June the network Eunomad had launched a Call for Proposals for the European Workshop 2011 "With renewal of co-development practices? Focus on youth and recent migration".

Due to too less answers we would like to relaunch the call with a deadline on the 15th of september. Please find further information in form of the terms of reference and the application form in the attachment.

(The call is also published in French.)

Aug 17, 2011

Chers collègues, 

Ces trois dernières années, le Gouvernement de la Sierra Leone, avec l’appui du PNUD et d’autres partenaires du développement, a mis en oeuvre une Initiative de renforcement des capacités de la diaspora qui a permis d’identifier des talents au sein de la diaspora. Elle a été déployée comme une mesure destinée à combler les lacunes en compétences afin de renforcer les capacités de la fonction publique. Cette initiative a permis de mobiliser plus de 30 experts issus de la diaspora.

Aug 17, 2011

Dear Colleagues, 

The Government of Sierra Leone, with support from UNDP and other development partners has over the past three years been implementing a Diaspora Capacity Building Initiative through which Sierra Leone diaspora talent has been identified and deployed as a skills-gap filling measure to bolster public sector capacity. Through this initiative, over 30 diaspora experts were mobilized.

Jan 28, 2011

Unlad Kabayan started in 1994 in Hong Kong as a response to a need of migrant workers to plan and organize their eventual return to home communities. Increasing cases of abuse, the 1990 Gulf war that saw many migrants losing everything and going home in disarray, and political and economic uncertainties in host countries hastened the process of Migrant Savings for Alternative Investements (MSAI) - a reintegration strategy.

Jan 23, 2011

The League of Arab states (Arab Expatriates Department) would like to take the opinion of the participants in this e-discussion on the following:

The department is currently considering changing its name based on the requirement of some member countries as well as the Expats themselves, taking into consideration that the Eastern part of the Arab world uses the term “Expatriates” while the North African part uses “communities”, most Expats do not like the term “Expatriates “.

Sep 17, 2010

There is no doubt that our country Nigeria is facing monumental challenges in the process of its development. Very soon we shall be celebrating the 50th independence anniversary. Is it really worth it? Things that are supposedly to work are not working. Nigeria is an importer of what it produces – a rich country with poor people blessed with oil that it yet imports. Social amenities are not functioning.

Aug 20, 2010

Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous le livret “Mon enfant est resté au pays” que nous avons réalisé dans le cadre du projet « Soutien aux parents et aux enfants dans la migration » en coopération avec CRIC Moldavie (Programme pour la migration et le développement).

Aug 20, 2010

We are very happy to share with you a brochure entitled, “My child is home alone”, which we have created as part of the JMDI project “Support to parents and children in migration” in cooperation with CRIC Moldova (Migration for development programme).

Aug 16, 2010

We are now in the middle of our JMDI project “Migrants’ Capacities for the Moldovan Health System Development” and are very happy to see that the core idea of the project to harness the potential of the Moldovan medical diaspora for the development of the Moldovan health system could be really very well explored. With the help of Moldovan migrants we have been able to identify a series of new project ideas for the development of various medical sectors in Moldova. Many of these ideas are already presented in the form of concept notes for project proposals.

Aug 13, 2010

Who can provide me with examples of migrant entrepreneurship in Ghana, Morocco or Ethiopia? I’m looking for new business cases on the economic impact of migrant entrepreneurs (remigrated/expatriate) other then our own. (The ones that strarted in the mothercountry with help of IntEnt.)

Could be anything:
- returnees that set up a business or trade
- expatriates that run a business from home, with a local business partner there
- migrant organizations that run a commercial activity in one of the countries
- ...