The e-Discussion platform is a prominent feature of the M4D Net. It seeks to establish dialogue on specific migration and development topics between members. E-Discussions are ‘demand driven’, flexible and informal to ensure their relevance and usefulness to the day-to-day work of practitioners. Lasting approximately one month, e-Discussions allow ample time for member’s reflection in advance and during discussion. They are guided by an expert moderator and seek to: 

  • Pro-actively address migration and development topics that present difficulties or opportunities to the M4D Net members;
  • Identify strategic niches and ground ‘agenda setting’ documents or events, as well as overall policy development. 

M4D Net members respond to a set of specific questions which are summarized in a Community endorsed Consolidated Summary. The moderated e-Discussions have a global reach making them a unique tool to learn from others, and potentially replicate good practices across regions. They are diffused through internal and external networks and feed into the discussions of major M&D events and policy documents.  

Our vision is to further engage regional and local authorities to actively contribute to e-Discussions and feed the collected results in the form of recommendations for local development planning.

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