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    The content of this eLearning course is based on the Joint Migration and Development Initiative’s unique experience in supporting small-scale actors implementing M&D projects. The Course was created not only as a response to the special needs of M&D practitioners, but was also developed on the basis of good practices and lessons learned from the Programme. Throughout it, you will find pictures of the JMDI grantees and beneficiaries whose experiences have fed into this course. You will also find “JMDI Examples” of how they overcame difficult situations. In this way, the JMDI experience has been illustrated throughout the tool to enable you to carry out your M&D initiative more effectively.

    The Course is a comprehensive tool on project cycle management, covering all phases from Programming to Evaluation, while providing tips based on the experiences of the JMDI projects. Collectively, the 6 modules in the Tool will help you:

    • identify and address your local M&D problems;
    • choose your team;
    • formulate key project documents;
    • initiate, manage and monitor your M&D project;
    • prepare for both internal and external evaluations.

    Furthermore, you will find external resources to build upon the material you will learn throughout the course in the “Library”. A final exam will allow you to complete the course and, after passing, will provide you with a certificate of completion. To begin, you will need to create an account using the instructions in the orange box to the left. When you are ready to create your account, click on the above link,"Course on Running your M&D Project Successfully."

    To begin, you will need to create an account by following the instructions in the orange box to the left. When you are ready, click on the above link , “Course on Running your M&D Project Successfully."

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