Technical Support


The Technical Support section is designed to assist you in preparing for your application for the Call for Proposals of the “EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative”.

The first section, “From Idea to Proposal”, guides you through the analysis and planning process preceding the actual writing up of your proposal. You can also find clear instructions on how to complete the Logframe, Budget and Application Form in the respective sections. In addition, you can find a list of further useful links on Project Cycle Management (PCM), the logframe approach and other websites which might be of use in preparing for this Call for Proposals here

ICMPD is aware that some organizations have designed international projects before, while the process will be new to others. There are various styles of project design, planning and proposal preparation for international donors. “From Idea to Proposal” guides you step-by-step through the process of developing a project idea into a well prepared project proposal. This guide is useful if you have no previous experience in project design, but also if you have experience but do not feel confident with project design and planning for international donors.

However, even if you have had prior experience in project design for international donors it will be a useful reminder of the steps to take and most important things to keep in mind. Please also be aware that the proposal formats and requirements differ from donor to donor. The guides in this section are tailored towards THIS Call for Proposals. 

It might be useful to test your knowledge on project design and management. Please go to our self assessment tool to do so. 

Before submitting your application form we would advise you to complete the Checklist to verify that all the required elements of the proposal are included.

At the end of each section you can download the full text in PDF format for easier printing. You can download the Acrobat PDF Reader for free on the Adobe website.