The below map provides an overview of migration and development projects being implemented worldwide. Though this list is not exhaustive, it is comprised of 210 practices the JMDI has collected since the programme was launched in 2008.

Some of these initiatives were implemented thanks to JMDI funds (51 projects), others are projects that were submitted by the M4D Net members or suggested by experts and practitioners around the world.

If you would like to see your own migration and development initiative in this database, please create a profile before clicking on the below button 'Add your Initiative'.

The search function below will help you to identify migration and development related projects implemented in specific countries or according to their thematic focus.

In line with the objective of promoting a territorial approach to migration and development during the second phase of the programme, the JMDI has identified a number of projects led by local authorities and has put them at your disposal. You can use the search function by selecting 'local authorities' in order to discover the type of projects local authorities have put in place in order to harness the positive impacts of migration for development.

The JMDI is currently identifying successful migration and development initiatives implemented by local authorities and seeks to fund a limited number of projects under the second phase. These projects will soon be included in the existing project database and will also be prominently displayed in the section M4D goes local.