Launch of the National Organisation of Deported Migrants (NODM)

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The establishment of this national organization to address the needs and issues of deported migrants in Jamaica was spawned by the JMDI project [J-105] Supporting Jamaican Deported Migrants and their Families, in particular a series of rights workshops with recently deported persons held in the context of the project.

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Establishement of such organizations like NODM or a project like JMDI is quite essential for assuring the rights and other helps for the deported migrants in Jamaica. In 2010, more than 1548 Jamaicans were deported from USA alone, as the report provided by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement of USA. Number of deported migrant workers are high from UK and other countries, as well.

With the establishment of such organization, vulnerable, victims and the ones who are seeking the help or those who are without any strong voice can find their voice and face through such organization. There are many issues like. Such forum can speak them more loudly for their problems, be it helping them in adopting the situation by further training or counseling or speaking them for the reasonable compensation, or even can initiate the talk with concerned stakeholders about insurance packages for such people including them any long term or short term health insurance plans. At least, they can get a desk where they will release their fear and tension, in the hope of its solution. What I mean is, it is always a noble approach to become a voice for the vulnerable and marginalized people in terms of many social or cultural or economic aspect.