Diasporas and Cultures of Migrations Conference Series

Publication date

May 17, 2011


Under the auspices of EMMA (Etudes Montpelliéraines des Mondes Anglophones, Montpellier, France) and gathering the leading scholars in the field, this series of four conferences will identify and assess the different evolutions of “Diaspora Studies” and the notion of “race” to better understand: 1) how socio-economic and political changes have affected diasporic communities; 2) how literature and the arts, the social sciences and cultural studies have seized that question. This project entails a redefinition of terms and concepts and the confrontation of different, but not necessarily divergent, perspectives. The third conference will be specifically dedicated to the interlocking issues of “race” and the Black Diaspora.



Diasporas, Cultures of Mobilities, 'Race'

This series will start in June at Montpellier, to be followed by an event in Wake Forest in 2012, a conference on African American Diaspora and Race in Montpellier in 2013, and a final event in Oxford. Visit the Etudes Montpelliéraines des Mondes Anglophones website to find information about the first event, including a registration form. In addition to the papers given by international specialists, and in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the creation of Diaspora: a Journal of Transnational Studies, Khachig Tölölyan (Wesleyan University) will share a conversation with Robin Cohen (IMI, University of Oxford).