4th World Social Forum on Migration 2010, Quito, Ecuador


Thu, 10/07/2010 to Mon, 10/11/2010

Type of event



The IV World Social Forum that will take place in Quito, Ecuador from the 8th to the 12th October 2010 is not only an event but also a place where peoples on the move and social organisations fighting for universal citizenship, the right to freedom of mouvement, the right to settle, who are against migratory dicrimination, and not being considered illegal, can converge together.  Our school of thought coincides completely with the peasant fight promoted by CLOC/Vía Campesina who will be holding their V World Congress from the 8th to the 16th of October.  The co-existence of global problems and struggle for land, territory, water, food sovereignty, unites us and calls upon us to globalize the fight against neo-liberalism and for the protection and recognition of full rights for all wherever they are in the world.The World Social Forum on Migrations (WSFM) is an event that falls in line with the World Social Forums, which is a space for democratic debate of ideas, reflection, formulation of proposals, exchange of experiences and articulation of social movements , networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations that are opposed to neoliberal globalization and the restriction of granting citizenship and civil rights, political, economic, social and cultural rights of migrants, displaced, refugees and stateless persons.

It is a global process for the construction of another possible world, a planetary society directed to a fruitful relationship between human beings and of human beings with the Earth, strengthening globalization based on solidarity. The WSFM is characterized by plurality and diversity and is a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-partisan space. It facilitates the articulation of a decentralized network of organizations and movements in concrete actions, both locally and internationally to improve the conditions of displaced persons, refugees and immigrants, as well as stateless persons in the world.

In the first WSFM in Porto Alegre (Brazil, 2005), with the theme "Sailing across global disorder”, a diagnosis was made of the neoliberal model, locating the causes of migration flows in the current economic paradigm. It was an articulation of the academic practices and specialized research centers, with action repertoires of social movements.
The second WSFM in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain, 2006), with the slogan "Universal Citizenship and Human Rights. Another world is possible, necessary and urgent”, addressed the construction of networks and their link to migration, the proposal for universal citizenship and upholding human rights. The dynamics of this Forum aimed at recognizing social subjects, through experience, proposals and the various practices without abandoning the academic reflection.

The third edition, also in Rivas (2008), with the slogan "Our voices, our rights, for a world without walls", addressed the importance of social subjects, their roles and proposals regarding the strengthening of immigration policies worldwide.

It is in this context that Ecuador, with an avant-garde, paradigmatic Constitution which guarantees rights for migrants, refugees and displaced persons is seen as an option worth supporting by holding the fourth edition of WSFM, in Quito on October 2010. Thus, the social movements and networks on five continents that are part of the WSFM’s International Committee hope that the path traced by the Ecuadorian state towards the realization of their constitutional and legislative developments is reinforced by the process of the IV WSFM.

The organization of the IV World Social Forum on Migration, in Quito, has been delegated to the Migration, Communication and Development Plan, whose role as Technical Secretariat of the Forum is to form a National Preparatory Committee, among civil society organizations in Ecuador, to coordinate actions towards the IV WSFM.




If we were all aware of what it means to be a refugee or an IDP,s then i think we should be supporting forums like the coming forum.
I am a kenyan and a resident of Kenya and this two factors of Refugees and IDP,s are so much alive. Thousand of refugees and IDP,s are scattered all over the country and especially the wild areas of the country. it is a pity such our brothers and sisters who once had a place they called "home sweet home" can now live so disgracefully.
I support you guys with my heart and mind.

We are together in the fight for more human living

Nicholas Musyoki