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Jul 22, 2014

Internship: Joint Migration and Development Initiative

TWO INTERNSHIP POSITIONS with the Joint Migration and Development Initiative are now launched.

Jul 16, 2014

What does migration mean to you? Join the IOM first social media campaign

What does migration mean to you? In its first social media campaign, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) gives voice to different stakeholders and migrants across the world in order to feed the international debate around migration. Read more and join the campaign!

Jul 15, 2014

Migrant workers in Nepal: Justice at home first!

16,000 Nepalis travel each month to the Gulf States and Middle East for temporary work. Hundreds of them die each year because of work exploitation, rights abuses and unsafe work conditions. While migrant workers are the keystone of Nepal’s economy, how can the government ensure their protection throughout their migration process?


Aida Balamaci wrote:

E-discussion: Promoting a territorial approach to migration and development

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M4D Blog

Cristina Ughi and Judith Sebo wrote:


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M4D goes local

Many issues in the field of Migration and Development are at stake at the local level and local authorities have important competences in this field, from receiving the newcomers to fostering migrant social inclusion or development. Discover the local dimension of M&D by exploring the new M4D Goes Local section and share good practices in this field.




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Country: United Kingdom
Women, migration and development: Investing in the future

Economic globalization has led to significant increases in migration. Many national policies discourage migration beyond national borders. ...


Country: Syria
Syrian Refugees in Europe: What can Europe do to ensure Protection and Solidarity?

The conflict in Syria has now entered its fourth year, and as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, the number of people forcibly ...


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Migrant capacities represent one of the most valuable resources available for the growth, development and poverty alleviation of countries of origin.



Migrant communities are the binding element of the migration and development nexus. In a broad sense, migrant communities include diasporas, men and women migrants, including also asylum seekers ...



Migrant remittances are recognized to be a very significant channel through which diasporas currently contribute to local development and poverty alleviation in their countries of origin. Net ...



Respect for migrant rights underpins and reinforces the positive linkages that can be made between migration and development. Protection of migrant rights, both in countries of origin (prior ...



The European Commission-United Nations Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) reflects the acceptance of and growing interest in the strong links between migration and development. The ...